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(a) Service of legal process upon any corporation of this State shall be made by delivering a copy personally to any officer or director of the corporation in this State, or the registered agent of the corporation in this State, or by leaving it at the dwelling house or usual place of abode in this State of any officer, director or registered agent (if the registered agent be an individual), or at the registered office or other place of business of the corporation in this State. Except as to an uncertificated security as defined in § 8-102 of Title 6, the attachment is not laid and no order of sale shall issue unless § 8-112 of Title 6 has been satisfied.

No corporation shall plead any statute against usury in any court of law or equity in any suit instituted to enforce the payment of any bond, note or other evidence of indebtedness issued or assumed by it. The Secretary of State is authorized to issue such rules and regulations with respect to such service as the Secretary of State deems necessary or appropriate. Service upon a corporate registered agent may be made in the manner provided in § 321 of this title. In the event that service is effected through the Secretary of State in accordance with this subsection, the Secretary of State shall forthwith notify the corporation by letter, directed to the corporation at its principal place of business as it appears on the records relating to such corporation on file with the Secretary of State or, if no such address appears, at its last registered office. (c) If, after sale made and confirmed, a certified copy of the order of sale and return and the stock certificate, if any, be left with any officer or director or with the registered agent of the corporation, the purchaser shall be thereby entitled to the shares or any option to acquire shares or any right or interest in shares so purchased, and all income, or dividends which may have been declared, or become payable thereon since the attachment laid. 339, § 73.; § 328 Effect of liability of corporation on impairment of certain transactions. (b) This section shall not be construed to prevent judicial inquiry into the regularity or validity of the organization of a corporation, or its lawful possession of any corporate power it may assert in any other suit or proceeding where its corporate existence or the power to exercise the corporate rights it asserts is challenged, and evidence tending to sustain the challenge shall be admissible in any such suit or proceeding. (a) No corporation of this State and no person sued by any such corporation shall be permitted to assert the want of legal organization as a defense to any claim. 339, § 67.; § 324 Attachment of shares of stock or any option, right or interest therein; procedure; sale; title upon sale; proceeds. In any derivative suit instituted by a stockholder of a corporation, it shall be averred in the complaint that the plaintiff was a stockholder of the corporation at the time of the transaction of which such stockholder complains or that such stockholder's stock thereafter devolved upon such stockholder by operation of law. Aloe Infusion's perfect blend of organic Aloe Vera and select herbs, vitamins, oils and other natural ingredients is what gives it, according to customer testimonials, it’s rare ability to hydrate, nourish, repair and keep your skin soft and youthful looking.The secret of Aloe Infusion is its unique ability to penetrate and deliver it’s revolutionary and effective ingredients to the deepest layers of the skin nourishing, hydrating and healing the skin from the bottom up.The cream literally overnight healed the acne I had.About a month into using the cream my acne had lessened.


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